Care Quality Improvement Consultancy
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Care Quality Improvement Consultancy (CQIC)

Care Quality Improvement Consultancy (CQIC) was established in 2023 by Eretta Roberts Dowansingh. Located in Wembley, London, Eretta, a chief nurse with more than 28 years of experience in the health, social care, and private sector, has worked in Scotland, England, and the Caribbean for over two decades. CQIC’s mission is to assist in the implementation of innovation and improvement strategies that promote an environment conducive to the rapid advancement of new knowledge and capabilities based on the best practices. Additionally, CQIC aims to provide scalable improvements in patient care, research, and education.

I have served as a quality inspector, worked with providers’ directors and managers, and have participated in numerous external monitoring activities for the local authority. I have conceived the concept of problem identification and quality improvement and developed a service that provides both under one umbrella. CQIC is a reputable organisation that will evaluate the current status and performance of your service, measure its efficacy and efficiency, and recommend corrective actions. CQIC provides clinical and operational advice and information and aids managers in developing a service improvement strategy and action plan. The organisation aims to modernise services and enhance care quality so that every service provided is exceptional.

Mock CQC Inspection

We replicate CQC's evaluation process, and identify improvement areas, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance care quality.

Auditing and Reviews

We assess organisational processes, practices, and documentation to identify strengths, weaknesses, and insights for efficiency.


We conduct regular assessments to gauge performance and identify areas for improvement to help your business.


We closely monitor your progress to track achievements, address challenges, and ensure continuous growth.

Training and Assistance

We offer comprehensive training programs and ongoing assistance to support your development and enhance your skills.

Why Care Quality Improvement Consultancy?

quality improvement in health care
health care quality improvement

The CQIC acts as a nexus for commercial activity in the fields of domiciliary care, supported living, residential  and  nursing care. This service was developed out of a desire to see other services provide care of the highest standard while also maintaining their ability to operate economically. It is the mission of this organisation to provide support to our providers so that they can better manage to lower the cost of care while not compromising or diminishing  the quality of health outcomes.

CQIC deals almost exclusively  with quality assurance  monitoring and  quality improvement in residential, nursing home, supported living, or domiciliary care. CQIC specialises in multifaceted teams of nurses and social care professionals  who has worked as quality monitoring office and quality improvement.  CQIC’s consultants have a well-deserved reputation for clinical excellence and leadership in the areas of residential, and nursing, and supported living and  accommodations, as well as domiciliary care. The organisation’s goal is to reduce the burden of management and care by developing tailored strategies to assist providers in meeting their objectives and raising their CQC rating.

 These leaders  will act as a focal point for services seeking to improve and maintain their current status of performance  The organisation’s mission is to implement a model of support  for   Providers and managers of businesses in residential, nursing home, supported living, or domiciliary care  to  incubate and deliver innovations and improvement ideas for those looking  to new business. CQIC aims to foster a culture of innovation and improvement throughout the organisation by  adapting and incorporating and  best practises and utilising core change methodologies. The service has a proven track record of transforming and improving residential, nursing, assisted living, and home care services. CQIC’s geographical coverage ranges from northwest London to the rest of England and the United Kingdom.


What Care Quality Improvement Consultancy Clients Are Saying

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to CQIC, for the past few months. Because of the consistent backing from CQIC, we have been able to implement beneficial changes within the service. Despite the fact that we have encountered a few obstacles along the way, I am confident that we are now in the ideal position to move forward and continue to improve the quality of care that we provide to our residents by employing a workforce with a higher level of expertise.


During the visits CQIC has made, they have motivated and inspired staff members by drawing attention to effective practises and encouraging staff members to collaborate and share effective practises. They have realised the necessity of us to be operating at a higher level of efficiency and have supported us with developing a service improvement plan in order to accomplish great outcomes.


The KM team wanted to drop you an email to thank you for your support during the last inspection monitoring. Your approach in inspecting was very supportive and your inspection was very thorough enabling us to learn and develop. Your feedback and action plan was constructive and you coached the team in the process. We appreciate the support and the knowledge you have given the team at KM and we truly believe this will help us in our journey to outstanding! We hope for more supportive visits from CQIC


We are well pleased with all the support that he has been given and believe that quality of input has made the resident have a better quality of life and improve the standards overall


l really appreciate the good encouragement comments you gave me about my work You gave me more confidence to do my work.