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The service provided by CQIC includes identifying areas of poor performance and assisting homes in developing a service improvement plan (SIP). CQIC ensures that internal audit work is carried out in accordance with established standards, policies, and procedures, while identifying non-compliance areas and maintaining records. Periodic evaluations are conducted to enhance and streamline practices and methodologies, and the standard procedure and template guidelines are reviewed. Ongoing assistance and progress monitoring is provided, including inspections of the home, service, and establishment, and the provision of detailed written feedback. 

The services we provide are: 

We provide a free 15-minute consultation to all our clients, during which we discuss prices once we understand your requirements.

Our exceptional team consists of individuals with creative talents, technical expertise, and extensive experience. We continuously inspire, commit, and motivate those we assist. Partnering with CQIC will grant you access to a vast amount of health and social care information.